CD  CD1 

Исполнитель Харуна Луна
Автор текста Харуна Луна, Саку
Композитор Сау
Релиз 20 августа 2014
Формат CD
Записан 2014
Жанр Soundtrack
Длительность 5:02 (Полный сингл)

1:29 (TV Size)

Издатель SME Records

Startear - первый эндинг, который играет со 2 по 14.5 серии в аниме Sword Art Online II. Исполнитель песни Харуна Луна, текст написан Харуной Луной и Саку, композитор и аранжировка - Сау. Это шестой сингл Харуны Луны, записанный в 2014 году и изданный SME Records.

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  1. Startear
  2. Natsu no Koi Yohou (夏の恋予報)
  3. Ramune Sekai (ラムネセカイ)
  4. Startear –TV size ver.-


  1. TVアニメ「ソードアート・オンラインⅡ」ノンクレジットエンディング映像

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  1. Startear
  2. Natsu no Koi Yohou (夏の恋予報)
  3. Ramune Sekai (ラムネセカイ)
  4. Startear –Instrumental-

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  1. Startear
  2. Natsu no Koi Yohou (夏の恋予報)
  3. Ramune Sekai (ラムネセカイ)
  4. Startear –Instrumental-


  1. Startear Music Video
  2. Startear Music Video Making Movie
  3. Document of AnimeNEXT 2014 in New Jersy & New Youk, USA(2014.3.5~3.9)
  4. "Lisani! TV" (Aoi Eir × Haruna Luna Tokushuu / Kyodai Meiro-hen -Luna ver.-) (「リスアニ! TV」(藍井エイル×春奈るな特集/巨大迷路編 -Luna ver.-))



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01 Startear 5:02
01 - Startear.ogg
02 Natsu no Koi Yohou


02 - Natsu no Koi Yohou.ogg
03 Ramune Sekai (ラムネセカイ) 4:04
03 - Ramune Sekai.ogg
04 Startear –TV size ver.- 1:29
04 - Startear -TV size ver.-.ogg
05 Startear –Instrumental- 4:58
05 - Startear -Instrumental-.ogg

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Luna Haruna - Startear05:06

Luna Haruna - Startear

ENGLISH "Startear" Sword Art Online II (AmaLee)05:12

ENGLISH "Startear" Sword Art Online II (AmaLee)

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Motto tsuyoku
Sou tsuyoku naritai to negatta
Kanashimi o koete

Kawaru koto nai kako ni nandomo se o muketeta
Darenimo miserarenai itsumo kakushita mama zutto

Afuredashita kono itami wa subete hitori de dakishimeru
Itsuka kieru nukumori nara hitotsu mo iranai yo

Motto tsuyoku
Sou tsuyoku naritai to negatta
Kurayami o kakeru kodoku na hoshi no you ni
Kokoro fukaku shizumeta yowakute moroi jibun
Kotoba ni dekinakute koe ni mo naranakute
Kitto darenimo mitsukaranai you ni
Tada hikari o matteru

Kimi ni fureta hi kara hirogaru keshiki no naka
Sotto nobasu ude de tashikameru yō ni dakishimeta

Atatakana kimi no hitomi wa kono mune o kasuka ni yurasu
Ano hi nakushita kanjō ga netsu o obite yuku

Haruka tōku
Sō tōku negai o todoketai
Mune ni komi ageta homura ni chikau yō ni
Kokoro fukaku shizumeta omoi ga itsu no hi ka
Ashita o kawareru hikari ni naru yō ni
Itsu made mo kono basho de
Watashi wa kagayaku mirai o matteru

Tsuyoi kaze ni warai atta ano kioku ga
Kono mune o tataku yō ni yūki o kureru
Mae o muku itami kakushita kizu datte
Tsuyosa ni kawatte yuku
Watashi wa mō nani mo kowaku wa nai kara

Motto tsuyoku
Sō tsuyoku naritai to negatta
Kurayami o terasu kirameku hoshi no yō ni
Namida no naka mezameta kimi o mamoru chikai
Kanashimi o koete tadori tsuku hi made
Hajimari ni takanaru kono kodō o
Zutto shinji tsudzukeru

もっと 強く
そう 強くなりたいと願った

変わることない過去に 何度も背を向けてた
誰にも見せられない 傷も隠したまま ずっと

溢れだしたこの痛みは 全て一人で抱きしめる
いつか消えるぬ温もりなら ひとつもいらないよ

そう 強くなりたいと願った
暗闇を駆ける 孤独な星のように
心深く沈めた 弱くて脆い自分
言葉にできなくて 声にもならなくて
ただ 光を待ってる

きみに触れた日から 広がる景色の中
そっと伸ばす腕で 確かめるように 抱き締めた

温かなきみの瞳は この胸を微かに揺らす
あの日失くした感情が 熱を帯びてゆく

遥か 遠く
そう 遠く 願いを届けたい
胸に込み上げた 焔に 誓うように
心深く沈めた 思いがいつの日か
明日を変われる 光になるように
いつまでも この場所で
わたしは 輝く未来を待ってる

強い風に 笑い合った あの記憶が
この胸を叩くように 勇気をくれる
前を向く痛み 隠した傷だって
強さに 変わってゆく

そう 強くなりたいと願った
暗闇を照らす 煌めく星のように
涙の中 目覚めた きみを守る誓い
悲しみを超えて 辿り着く日まで

I wished to become even stronger
Going beyond this sadness.

Countless times, I’d turned my back on a past I couldn’t change,
All the while hiding it so that no one would see.

The pain wells up, but I embrace it all alone.
If this warmth will someday disappear, I’d rather not have a single shred.

I wished to become even stronger
Making my way through the darkness, like a lonely star.
The heart of my weak, fragile self has sunk deep,
Unable to put it all into words… unable to even use its voice.

I’m simply hiding so that no one will find me,
Waiting for a light to appear.

From that day you touched me, the scenery spread before me
My arms slowly extended, and embraced you closely to really believe

Your warm gaze softly shook this body
I let my feelings go that day, and that warmth had continued to linger

Far away, so far away,
I want to send these desires so far away.
My body filled with emotion, and vowed upon a flame.
When will my heart sink from the memory?
Tomorrow will change, becoming like a light.
Eternally, in this place,
I will wait for a shining future.

Those memories of smiling in a strong wind,
Give this body courage to fight back.
Before, when I faced grief, I would hide my wounds.
My strength continued to change,
After I was no longer scared of anything.

I wished to become even stronger,
Illuminate the darkness like a twinkling star.
Behind my tears, I woke and vowed to protect you,
To go beyond this sadness until the day you arrive.
This pulse is beginning to quicken.
I will continue to believe in you.

I want to be stronger; just a little stronger
With that, I made a wish,
In hopes of overcoming this sadness

For too many times have I turned back, looking at my past that could never be changed
I'll conceal these scars for the rest of my life, for I will not show them to anyone

I'll bear with all the pain that comes pouring out from these memories,
I don't need this ephemeral warmth they call 'love'

Thus, I made a wish
To become stronger; stronger than before,
So as to overcome this darkness by myself
But even so, my heart began to sink; along with my weak existence
Into these depths, where certainly nobody could find me
Being unable to call out to anyone, nor express my feelings in words,
All I could do was wait for that silver lining

Amidst my suffering, my world brightened in your presence
In disbelief, I reached out towards this landscape, now colored in pastel

Looking into those eyes of yours, my chest began to pound
And the emotion I'd lost that day, began to glow in incandescence

With that, I prayed that my wish
Could reach that tableau, far away into a distant land
For these feelings in my heart, are genuine and sincere
Thus forth, I submerged my emotions, knowing that one day,
Those feelings will eventually change my fate
And hence, I'll be here, awaiting the brilliant future that tomorrow holds

These memories of us laughing happily together,
Have allowed my heart to permeate with courage
And the pain of overcoming my past, along with these scars I bore,
Will now be what's giving me strength to move on
For I'm no longer afraid of anything

And once again, I made a wish
To become as strong as I once was
So as to brighten this darkness, just like a brightly glowing star
I'll stop crying, in order to protect you
And I'll overcome this sadness, placing all my faith,
In hopes that one day, this beating heart of mine,
Will guide me to recovery

Просила сил в мольбах, когда в слезах, в груди щемило от тоски,
И сердце сжали как в тиски.

И вновь, и вновь иду я вперёд,
Оставив за спиной всё былое.
Скрываю шрам, что душу мне жжёт,
От других, ведь для них лишь иное важно.

Муки и печали, коим нету конца,
Я приму бесстрашно, пусть и буду одна.
Даже если в жертву принести всё должна,
Не дрогну, боль смахнув с лица.

Прошу я сил в мольбах, когда в слезах, в груди щемит вновь от тоски.
И как звезда лечу с небес, одна во тьме не жду уж чудес.
Всё, что могло мешать мне устоять, пришлось забыть и в сердце скрыть.
Вот так пропали чувства те, что согревали душу везде.
Но я верю: они не пропали и ждут лишь надежды луч,
Что разгонит сонмы туч.

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